At Volonté, we offer bespoke advisory services to businesses by following a purpose-specific structure that would address the changing behavior of the client, provide transparency, higher value and better quality of work. Our services are created to address the competitive market requirements that would positively influence our client’s business model.

Using specialized analysis techniques, we evaluate the performance of your business and design solutions to create sustainable economic values and consistency across your business. We analyze existing processes and systems, develop new policies and procedures, implement the new processes, monitor post-implementation performance, and devise adjustments when necessary.


Feasibility Studies

In simple words, feasibility study means the investigation which proves the practicality and achievability of a project from economical, technical, and social perspectives. A project without feasibility is nothing more than an imagination or a dream.

Feasibility study becomes even more important in new businesses where the main goal is to earn maximum possible profit in minimum possible time frame. For this purposes, different steps are taken which include feasibility study and then making a business plan for the project.

Market Research

Market research is an integral part of business and critical for effective strategy development. Market research provides information on existing and potential markets, which products or service to introduce, in what quantity and qualities, and at what prices. Market research also assist in identifying the best distribution channel to use.

In feasibility studies, market analysis, also known as market forecasting, can be done by both primary and/or secondary research sources and can be used to predict future sales. Market research has played a significant role in opening new markets for companies to explore, providing them with valuable insights on market size, trends, and growth, therefore, increasing their turnover and profits.

Competition Analysis

Tough competition is part of business life. To ensure that you steer a successful course through periods of low sales and financial difficulties, you need to know if your competitors are stronger than you. Business competitor analysis is crucial because it helps you avoid mistakes, identify new growth opportunities, and choose the right business partner.

Our experts can help you prepare a list of all competitors that are in direct competition with you. Compiling a detailed SWOT and risk analysis, will enable you to find out more about your biggest rivals’ strengths and weaknesses, helping you to realign your resources to gain a better market share.

Business Plans

A business plan is a written document that outlines the goals and details of your company. The primary reason for a business plan is to attract investors who will use their money to help you achieve those goals. A business plan not only informs potential investors of your product or service, but it also provides critical information about your company, such as management expertise, market trends, and budget forecasts.

A business plan allows the owner to take their time with planning out where they want to take their business. We believe it is important for a business plan to be written annually because it not only allows you the opportunity to see where your company can grow, but also how much money you will need to get there. Our expert consultants can help you develop an accurate and detailed business plan, which will take you closer to your ultimate goal every year.

Investment Pitch Deck

Most startups need a professional pitch deck that helps them raise money from investors. You can create a pitch deck yourself, but it usually takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, if you don’t have someone with experience doing this professionally, the chances are high that your pitch deck will be ineffective.

The decks often include an executive summary, problem and solution, business model, competition analysis, team, market opportunity, investment considerations, and risk management. The most important point to remember is that investor pitch decks are like story-telling decks. It should tell the investors what problem you are solving, and why do they need to fund you. At Volonté, our extensive work with investors, has given us a competitive edge in the field of investors pitch deck. We will help you build your startup story and prepare to raise fund and make your dreams come through.

SMEs and Corporates

Operational Plans

Operational plans are the processes used to accomplish goals and objectives within an organization. Operational planning is a part of business management that links closely with overall strategic planning. Operational plans include developing marketing strategies according to sales forecasts and budgets, as well as production targets or goals. It involves determining how to achieve them through obtaining resources such as material, equipment, people, and money.

Operational plans may also include management of employment policies, labor relations strategies and training. Our experts can help you develop a comprehensive and thorough strategic and tactical plan that is robust and achievable.

Gap Analysis

Business gap analysis is usually performed within the context of a strategic plan, a market development or product launch plan, or an expansion and/or upgrade for existing facilities. Business gap analysis is a useful tool for organizations that are planning for growth, either organically or through acquisition. It shows gaps between current capabilities and desired capabilities, allowing companies to prioritize their plans and activities to maximize value.

Gap analysis is also used to compare actual results against goals and expectations, both short-term and long-term. We can help you conduct a thorough gap analysis to understand your real performance as compared to your strategic plan, budgeted goals, and expectations.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are guidelines that help employees perform their job duties correctly. Policies describe the managerial path employees should take when completing a task and set out specific guidelines on what actions need to be taken. Procedures provide detailed instructions on how certain tasks should be carried out by employees, typically including steps, processes, and timeframes.

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) manuals establish standard operating procedures for job-specific activities. They often help organizations control costs by standardizing tasks, training employees, and minimizing waste.

Our expert consultants can help you write your policies and procedures that would meet your organizational culture and business goals. We can help you document your SOPs with a proven approach that will achieve the most effective and efficient outcome in any given situation.

Business Transformation

Business transformation is a set of activities that uses technology and new ways to help businesses become more competitive and successful. Businesses can benefit from business transformation by becoming more efficient, providing better customer service and experiencing higher levels of customer satisfaction. Business transformation is all about making the company more nimble so it can respond quickly to change or new opportunities.

Business transformation requires businesses to move beyond just running the day-to-day aspects of business operations and examine how changes in the business environment and customer needs will affect future opportunities.At Volonte, we make your business transformation process smooth and efficient. Our experts take a 360-degree view of all your business functions and help you change.

Process Automation

Process automation is the use of different business software to increase an organization’s productivity. Business automation can be achieved by using a business process management suite, business rules software, or by even building business applications in house. Business process automation can be beneficial for organizations of all sizes.

At Volonté, we begin business automation by identifying your business processes that need to be changed and/or improved and then trying to automate those business processes.