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Jobs to be done framework

Jobs to be done framework

In the competing world of business, having a clear understanding of what your customers are trying to achieve is essential. The Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework can help you better understand your customer’s needs by breaking down their goal into smaller pieces.

The JTBD framework is based on the idea that when customers purchase a product or service, they are actually hiring it to do a job. These jobs may vary depending on the customer’s individual situation or goals. In order to better understand these customers, JTBD focuses on uncovering what emotion triggered them to buy the product and how that product helped solve their problem.

By understanding this deeper level of intention, you can develop products or services that address your customers’ needs better. Applying the JTBD framework can aid you in understanding how to create better customer experiences, as well as how to develop products and services that meet their real needs.

JTBD is a great way to make sure customers are always at the forefront of product and service development. By understanding their individual needs, you can create solutions that better address those needs. Additionally, JTBD helps teams prioritize tasks and develop a strategy that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. With an effective JTBD framework in place, you can create products and services that truly meet customer requirements.

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