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Policies and procedures are guidelines that help employees perform their job duties correctly. Policies describe the managerial path employees should take when completing a task and set out specific guidelines on what actions need to be taken. Procedures provide detailed instructions on how certain tasks should be carried out by employees, typically including steps, processes, and timeframes.

Policies are usually enforced more strictly than procedures because policies set out what will happen if they are not followed. Procedures are generally designed to be completed without interruption unless specific circumstances arise which require an exceptional course of action. Policies and procedures are very important documents by which you shape the policies that govern your organization. Therefore, it is vital that these policies and understandable for everyone who reads them.

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This is not something that can be handled properly unless there is a professional policy writer involved. Our expert consultants can help you write your policies and procedures the best way that would meet your organizational culture and business goals. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are standard, detailed protocols that guide employees in performing specific tasks or jobs. SOPs help standardize operations and streamline processes with the goal to improve quality assurance, safety, efficiency, and speed. SOP manuals establish standard operating procedures for job-specific activities. They often help organizations control costs by standardizing tasks, training employees, and minimizing waste. Without SOPs, organizations may experience a lack of coordination among their employees since each person might perform different tasks with varying degrees of quality. We can help you document your SOPs with a proven approach that will achieve the most effective and efficient outcome in any given situation. Our experts can provide you concise, detailed SOPs, of how to perform common functions or tasks within your organizations. Our tailor-made manuals can be used for standardization, training, communication, and compliance in your organization.