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Mark Horstman

If you’re a manager of others, you know how hard it is to manage people. Individual work is easy compared to managing others. But that’s only because you’ve never been taught the simple basics, or because what’s you’ve been taught is wrong: be “fair”, become friends with your team, Asians/Indians/Americans are different, etc. All of this is wrong, following Mark Horstman. There are two things that matters more than anything else as a manager: get results, and keep the people who work for you. If one of them isn’t doing the job, it’s your fault. You are the one doing the interviews so you’re the one to blame.

In this talk, Mark Horstman will also give you for behaviors that matter : knowing your people is the most important, then talk about performance, ask for more and push work down. The two first behaviours are the most important if you want to be a good manager and get results. To watch this interest pod cast please view the below link.

What You’ve Been Taught About Management is Wrong - Mark Horstman, at USI

– Mark Horstman, at USI

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